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W7 - makeup treats

There are always brands that I promise I'll investigate further and W7 is on that list. With a delightful selection of colour to try, I could hardly wait to start playing.

Groovy Eyelash Curlers were an initial worry, I have found so many that quite simply crushed my lashes leaving them either on my cheek having being decapitated or pointing at a very unattractive angle. 
But these gorgeously coloured beauties were curved to perfection (bit like myself), all my lashes fitted easily in and the cushion area was thick enough that I didn't fear I would guillotine my lashes off. 

I was left with a perfect curl that was ready for mascara. 

Lashtastic says it all really and the hold this gives the lashes is amazing. I'm rather fond of adding layers of the stuff to mine, basically to the extent that I need to tip my head back to get my eyes open. One coat, you heard me, one coat the lashes are up, curled, held in place and there until their demise, well, until you take your makeup off, properly of course! 
Even without the curlers, it has to be done, this mascara and it's rubberised wand separate through the lashes coating each one with this magnificent formula, stunning foundation that makes high end mascaras weep. 

One coat, that's all I needed to sweep through and curl my lashes, superb. 

I have been blessed with pouting lips, so plumping has never been a necessity, a bad experience when a friend insisted I tried a lip plumping gloss years ago to see how plump they'd go had me looking like Mick Jagger after having a reaction to formula! So I was hesitant to apply Kiss Me Plumping Gloss.

A bright pink foil casing makes this the eye catching lip plumper indeed. A clear gloss with a minty freshness gives lips the clear coating and sheen. I am pleased to say I didn't react to the product at all, my lips felt super fresh and the gloss is a lovely texture, not overly sticky but leaves lips with a nice glow. Perfect to use over lip colour and especially over lip pencil applied to the full lips. 
I didn't notice that my lips were any plumper, even my husband was asked for his opinion, apparently I had the aroma of a Polo mint which was pleasant but he wasn't sure my lips had plumped. 
I loved this as a gloss and continue to use it plumped or not. 

W7 certainly chose well with this red lipstick, so well!
The Bordeaux shade from the Butter Kiss range looked dark in the bullet, brown toned and darker than I would have chosen myself but on application, it was wow.
Lovely smooth textured lipstick that feels smooth on the lips, the colour for me was perfection, beautiful tone of red, which has had more compliments than I've had on a lipstick for quite some time. 

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