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The Bedside Table Diary - February 2016

Have you ever wondered what products may lurk alongside a beauty bloggers bed, other than the obvious lamp, books and electronic gadgets?
Did I mention a cardigan for those cold nights when your husband is always 'too warm' and you're displaying icicles from parts you didn't know existed?, add that to the bedside picture. 

Keep reading as I reveal all from the bedside of Rougepout ........
Products change with me but generally there is always a little jar of something gathering dust that I open on days with a U in them. 
My mission this year are my hands and to actually use the products that have become bookends rather than potions that I need to use up. 

Firstly my journey with Collagen continues, this time with Ingenious Beauty (they sent me stationary too, so are very much my favourite people). These are in the capsule form, large but once you get into the routine of taking them you hardly notice the size. These are to be taken every evening, three at a time on an empty stomach and they go to work during the sleeping cycle. 
Having seen and felt results from taking Collagen previously, I have great hope with these, a full review will follow when the course is finished. 

Hands, my poor neglected, abused and generally ignored hands. 
This is the year they will see and feel hand cream, serums and as many lotions as they can take. I've never been a glove wearer when washing crockery or cleaning, they have endured hot water, bleach, gardening, you name it I have delved into most things without the sign of a glove. I occasionally wear one glove when gardening, when I am moving worms from area to another before I divide them with my spade but that is all. 
Aware recently of how 'tatty' my hands looked, marked, scratched, sore and wizened, if I had a cauldron - they would look appropriate dropping eye of newt into it. 

It was the devine Aeos Spelt Handcream that has come to my rescue on it's white charger, this has been such a luxurious treat, seriously hydrating, soothing and calming, the improvement to my grubby mitts was noticeable within days, suddenly they looked smoother, less dried and frayed at the edges, even the nail beds were less ravaged. 

A little like buses, nothing arrives for ages and then two come at once, this was the case with the sublime Bodhi & Birch Lime Blossom Antiseptic Hand Serum. 
This lovely oil consistency hand product can be used alone or underneath a hand cream or lotion. 
It has fallen into my evening routine and is applied before my hand cream, the smell is a warm citrus hit of lime, which lingers as it nourishes my hands and cares for my shoddy cuticles. Still a fairly new product in my collection, a full review will follow soon.

Then we come to two small circular pots, both pack a lot into their tiny surroundings. 
First Trilogy and the Everything Balm - which is exactly why it's either by my bed or in my handbag, this beauty does it all. Perfect for a extra layer on my cuticles, I find working the balm in and around my nail beds therapeutic. It's a great heavy going lip balm for those winter months when they need extra help. It's also wonderful for localised dry patches on the body, a little of the balm warmed up goes a long way and works a treat. It's a little like basting a chicken, everything is so juicy and not a sign of a dryness be it thigh, breast or wing! (probably not my best analogy)

Finally something mint, as in the fragrance but also it's quality and we return to Bodhi & Birch. 
This Mint The Temple Balm is a little pot is medicinal magic, if you're a headache, migraine sufferer like myself this is the soothing balm you need. I must state clearly this doesn't prevent the migraine but it makes me feel calmer, when my head feels as though it's been crushed by a vice, the tension build up can be extreme and this eases those feelings. It's also great for travel sickness, when I'm heading out on long journeys it's in my bag. 
It's my comfort when the only place I can deal with my migraine is shutting myself away in a dark bedroom. 

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