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Barry M - 3 C's of nail care - Camouflage, Colour & Condition

Barry M, they of the striking colour offerings, Chanel polish dupes and now a nail care system all in one bottle. 

I browsed this range a few times, unsure really if I needed a camouflage polish (SAS antics of a polish bottle sprang to mind, last seen abseiling down and along the blushers heading over to the concealers for a quick 'hello' - only me then) so camouflage, not sure really. Colour, I wear red mainly, nude is not my thing and finally condition, which, of course I like my nails to be in a nice condition. 
After the drip feeding of this range seemingly on every social media site I finally caved into the pressure and chose Birthday Suit, simple, clean and matched my natural colour. 
My main aim for this polish was to see if it could carry off being a nail base, matte was perfect, the colour applied over this would adhere better to a matte texture and I liked the idea of a smooth matte texture not only working as a nail primer but looking after my nails too. 

Easy to apply from the large headed brush, the matte finish is obvious in seconds, smoothing the nail and giving a nice even finish. Colour applied easily and dried quickly, although I like to sweep Seche Vite Quick Drying Top Coat on, to seal the colour. 
The final look was perfect.
When removing the colour I have found it comes away easily, often drugstore coloured polish can smear or stain nails and be difficult to remove but since using the Mani Mask, this has improved and my nails are not only quick to clean they look a better colour. 
This has been a great addition to my nail care system, I own a nail file so it's classed as a system - honestly.

Certainly worth a look, great price and great results, Barry M nailed it!

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