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Bee Good - Exfoliation by way of the bees

Bee Good - Honey & Camelina Facial Exfoliator

On first opening this Bee Good Facial Exfoliator I was hooked, the product aroma was so gorgeous, it held it's arms out and I was in it's embrace. 

You will know that I am huge believer in giving my skin that extra help it needs to shake off those dead skin cells and send them packing. I love the feel of exfoliation, I adore massaging products onto my skin and then feeling the smooth results.
Bee Good offer that little something extra that for me is always welcome, the caring approach.

From that initial smell of the product to the gentle exfoliant as it worked across my face, I knew my skin was going to like this product. 
Exfoliation can be a process that leaves the skin tight and dry, this beauty uses wild flower honey and camelina to keep skin hydrated, the use of milled lavender flowers cleans the skin without irritation or harsh abrasive scratching. Wheatgerm oil acts as the soothing property for the skin with propolis using it's anti-bacterial properties and crambe oil adding to the care by nourishing the skin. 

From the first application, lavender calms and makes the process a relaxed pleasure. The exfoliant is gentle, I found I could use this 2 even 3 times a week without redness or irritation. The results it gives in such a gentle way are stunning, smooth, bright and healthy skin is yours. 
For removal I found it easier to wash away in the shower, I would advise that if like me you like a 'hot' shower, turn the temperature down before washing your face. 

Bee Good products never fail my skin, they give results in a caring and soothing way with great ingredients.
The BEE line for great skin care. 

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