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INGENIOUS BEAUTY Collagen Capsules - the findings

And so the end is nigh (yes I know Frank got there before me, but hail ole blue eyes), for the Ingenious Beauty collagen capsules, time to share my thoughts and results of these bedtime bullets of collagen. 

For my initial introduction to the brand of Ingenious Beauty and information about the capsules please check out an earlier post here.

I can see the bottom of the capsule container now, three taken each evening before I sleep has whittled them down to the final few. 
I never think of the size, which in the beginning I was a little worried about, I found taking one and then leaving it for a few minutes and then taking another worked for me. Eventually I was taking the three, one straight after the other. There is no aftertaste at all, once taken that is it, nothing to worry about. 

Several changes I noted after a couple of weeks of my nightly collagen input, firstly, little skin issues were cleared up very quickly, there have been a few as I've been rotating skincare frequently to trial and my skin was beginning to find a different product every third day too much. I had also taken out my skin saviour items to truly see the results of collagen capsules, no helpful Sunday Riley good genes or luna oil

Here's a face only a mother could love and I am helpfully pointing out my second head that grew throughout the day, I was planning to charge it rent!

The next day, yes I had stupidly put my face on and then realised I needed to point out that the blemish (second head) had gone, as if by magic, not even a sign of redness and if you watch my YouTube videos you will know I do not disguise any blemishes with layers of concealer, I think it looks terrible on me. So this is a layer of foundation and makeup as I normally apply it. 

Let's nail the next observation, I keep my nails short for all the typing I do, long nails and laptop keys just don't work for me, so I keep my nails trimmed. This nail care was becoming more frequent and within a week of trimming them down I was noting how long they became, also I wasn't finding them as weak, which has often been a problem for me. 

Hair today and gone tomorrow, certainly my hair suddenly had a growth spurt, as I cut it myself I know how slow it grows now, so when I found I was trimming it twice in a matter of weeks I was perplexed. The collagen capsules had by now become part of my everyday routine and until the evening when I was taking them it suddenly dawned on me that these were the only change I had made. My diet hadn't changed dramatically enough to make my hair grow and I'm sure there is no medical proof that chocolate limes aid hair growth!

So as I trimmed my hair for the second time, I could only thank Ingenious Beauty. The condition as been improved and I often find that as my roots appear and my hair is begging to be dyed the condition becomes lacklustre, flat and dull - even with all my conditioner and masks, my hair has moments where it won't respond and dyeing it is the only thing that truly works to bring bounce and life back. 

With my hair overdue for dyeing (and the walls and floor also, my hubby said I should put that in!) my hair was actually looking quite good, yes the grey was practically waving at strangers in the street but it was ok and I was more than happy to leave it. I had even considered forgetting about the dye and embracing the grey, I could actually live with my hair if the condition was good, the grey has been with me since I was 21, so I am beyond caring about that. I just like the condition of my hair when dyed. 

Ultimately using Ingenious Beauty has brought me many obvious benefits, stronger and fast growing nails, hair that has kept it's condition and certainly grown very fast without being straggly. My skin has stamped it's foot and sulked at the continuous change of skincare but this has been soothed and healed quickly without using extra products or my normal go to emergency skin care. 
The only negative I can see and this is me clutching at straws for something, is the size of the capsules, I can take tablets often without water, but if you struggle these may be a worry. 

Overall I have been super happy with the results. I love that there are many options for taking collagen, the capsule form does make it easier, especially if you have a busy lifestyle and need something quick. I found having the capsules by the bed was an obvious reminder to take them, just ensure they are taken on an empty stomach. Go to sleep and let them ingeniously do the rest. 

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