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The Skin Care Diaries - by the skin of my teeth!

I am fascinated by the skin care products people use, it doesn't have to be a fancy name, or packaged in ribbons and bows. I just love to see and hear people explain their skincare thoughts and if they have a routine I love to hear about it, unless it involves cleansing wipes and then there are no amount of emojis that can express my horror (that's only my view of course). 

My routine can be set in stone for months if it's working for me and my skin, I add products more during my evening routine for one night or so and it's always a popular pic on Instagram when I feature them.

Here's my sporadic offering of products that flit in and out of my routine. 

Dear Diary, 

Last night I delved into my skin care drawers in need of two products, something exfoliating and a treat to brighten, smooth and make my skin feel truly loved. 

Oskia Exfoliating Balm and Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask - after my normal cleansing routine I used the balm first, not harsh in the least it worked over my skin and with the addition of water created a wonderful paste, when rinsed away my skin was super smooth. 
The black rose mask I applied after and instead of removing after the suggested time, I left it on all night, something I often do with masks. My skin was super smooth and definitely brighter this morning. 

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