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Eyeliner - drawing that fine line

There comes a time when you have to take the bull by the horns or in this case the eyeliner by the lid and see what's out there. 
I have a favourite, a lovely pot of liner which has drawn many a line on my ever drooping lids, it stayed put, applied easily and never failed me. As far as I am aware it is to be discontinued, and having asked the question several times of the company, I still await the answer. So it was time to find another, just in case - I'm all for buying that beauty item for just in case moments - just look at my cleanser drawer!

Maybelline, had a lot to offer as I stood perusing the beauty stands, buy one get one half priced helped with the decision making. 

Firstly was this satin finish, calligraphy leaning option, with the Master Ink Liquid Liner
Featuring a smart tip brush which actually works so I didn't have to fall back on my trusty Louise Young LY24 and dip that into the pot, this tip has flexibility and makes the line creation easy, it worked to the shape of my eye. 

Let's talk black carbon pigments, the colour has depth and certainly there is a strength in the colour on first application. You must shake this liner before use, on several occasions I didn't and you lose the pigment and find a silvery grey line in place of a strong black flick. 

It definitely stays in place, although I do feel a subtle application fades during the day. The stronger and more intense the line the better it lasts. 
I had chosen the satin option, there is a matte and glitter liner in the range. 
Removal was easy, with cleansing oils I found it came off in one piece, imagine peeling varnish from your nails, it resembled that which I rather liked. 

Having tried similar products of this ilk, this has been the best, more for the applicator which makes the drawing of the line straight forward. 

Next on the list is to try Maybelline's Eye Studio Gel Liner, review to follow.

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