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Worship at the Mint Temple

From little pots do gorgeous smelling concoctions arise!
Little pots always hold the most delightful potions, put these into a glass, ceramic or opaque pots and I am fondling without a care in the world.
Bodhi & Birch have this delightful pot of Mint The Temple Balm and this is one temple you'll want to worship at. 

Firstly the mint & frankincense, one sniff and I feel refreshed and clear headed. I knew this would be a wonderful pot to have handy on a Migraine day and I couldn't have been more on the money. After applying it to my temples and continuing to inhale, this balm instantly left me calmer, everything tenses when I have one brewing and as the pain strengthens it's all consuming. This cleared my head, soothed and eased me, it didn't cure the migraine but it made the whole experience far easier than I can remember in a long time. 

Mint The Temple Balm is what you want to have with you wherever you go, perfect for headaches in it's soothing properties. The aromatic balm not helps alleviate those stressful feelings thanks to white camphor but I find the frankincense aspect really lifts my mood and clears my head. 

It's also an option if like me you suffer from travel sickness, I always have crystallised ginger in my handbag for those awkward long journeys and now this comes with me - the smell overcomes the nausea's feeling I get, which often makes the whole journey appear longer and far more stressful. 

Add the eucalyptus anti-bacterial & fungal properties and this is the pot for dealing with any nasty insect bites or skin abrasions, I find that ants love a nibble of me when I'm gardening, so this will be much needed. 

Although a small pot, this potent and highly concentrated Mint Temple Balm will last for so long, a small application to pulse points and or temples uses barely any product but you feel the results. 
It's also great for clearing the head with one sniff and any aching muscles welcome this soothing application.

I really could do with two, actually, make that three, then again maybe ..........

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