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My Fab Four + 1 of the Week !

My beauty editing skills were not honed this week as I had to sneak a fifth product into my 'Fab Four' of the week, forgive me but it's a good one.

Too Faced Pink Leopard Palette, for cheeks, for everything in my world, seriously, this circular compact not only works on cheeks but offers up a great eyeshadow option. 
This is my lazy palette, when I just need subtle and simple this palette gives me colour, warmth and works on my eyes too. Soft powder with a powerful pigment, this defines without making it obvious. Beautiful warming tones with pink to lift and lighten the face.

I loathe brows, I say it time and time again, they are my nemesis. I have rarely even had the decency to enquire after their health let alone shape them by means of plucking or waxing. 
So in a effort to pretend I do care, I went down the road of brow gels, overpriced in my opinion for what they do and then Rimmel showed me the light and a reasonable price. I'm happy to work that dark brown tone of Brow This Way through my brows and pretend I'm a proper grown up who cares. I love the large wand and having bushy brows makes application easy, I have no technique, it's a sweep and run action with me. 

This Estee Lauder Brush On Glow is such a multi-purpose product that it really can't be pigeon holed. Not only do I use it for dark circles, to hide them not create them. It is a grown up highlighter, no shimmer, just a subtle natural glow. Not only does this makeup hydrate but it glides over the skin and doesn't rest in any fine lines, pores or wrinkles. Such a beautiful delicate texture, I adore this product. 

This is the only Kiko product I own, I hang my head in shame. It arrived in a monthly beauty box and I admit I thought 'not another eyeshadow thingy', I do like them, so have a few from other brands. This is my most used eyeshadow stick, the colour of shade 05 works with my regular brown eye shadows, it blends well with pink and grey tones, it's smooth to apply and lasts all day. It's a fabulous product on it's own and often it's all I take away if I'm gallivanting for the weekend. 

By Terry or as I'm from Yorkshire 'by eck Terry', has produced this divine pot of lip loveliness. Baume De Rose, the original, is iconic but I feel the Baume De Rose colour is far better, you get the lip care and hydration but with a perfect hit of colour. From all the selfies I inflict on my lovely followers of Instagram, this is one of the most asked about colours. 
It's a pot I reach for when I'm just fussing around in the house, I love the consistency, very smooth on the lips and in the Winter it's a necessity. Only one negative is the slight hint of rose, not my favourite smell but luckily it's not over powering. 

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