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Bee Good - still buzzing about this brand

Bee Good - Honey & Wild Flax Daily Moisturiser

It's been a good start to the year when it comes to moisturisers, I am known for my preference of facial oils and serums, so moisturisers have to be top notch, all singing and dancing to make me procrastinate in written form. 
Bee Good don't disappoint with Honey and Wild Flax (a winning combination in skin care I feel) in moisturiser form.

Although I am reluctant to ever place my skin in a 'type' occasionally you do need to aim in the right direction and this normal/combination moisturiser fits my skin like a glove. I can often step my toe over in the normal type, especially in the cold winter months. 

This tube of bee friendly ingredients hydrates, protects and nourishes using wild flower honey, wild flax oil and propolis. 

Soothing on application, rich in texture, this makes my skin feel and look the bees knees.
This falls under the fast absorbing skincare heading, something I do struggle with, as I like a bit of 'slip' left on my face. 
However I can forgive this moisturiser as the product leaves my skin hydrated as have many that leave the 'slip' behind. It is rich in a comforting way, a nice creamy texture leaves the tube and works over the face, less is always more with Bee Good, too much and you are working the excess product not only down your neck but heading to your knees. 
A perfect option for morning or evening and works well over oils and serums. 

A tube that deserves more than a bee+

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