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SKINADE - welcome back Collagen friend

This I was thrilled to re-introduce into my life and skincare routine, and no it's not a cleanser!
I sampled Skinade last year, if you read my post of my adventures with the collagen drink HERE, you'll know why I am happy it's back. This time I have a 90 day supply to review sent from the company.

Skinade made a huge difference to my skin but also my general feeling of well being in 2015.
This time I felt it was a great opportunity to document my return to Skinade, so there will be vlogs, written posts and photos of me bare faced showing you the results. 

I am now into my second week, last week was a mix of cluster migraines and generally not feeling my best. It's a relief that Skinade makes life simple, you have no mixing to do, just pour straight from the bottle and the best thing is, it tastes nice, citrus and refreshing. 

The first picture was taken at my start with Skinade again, dark circles, a skin outbreak due to a rose hip oil product can be seen hiding on my chin. 

Three days in and I was feeling ready to apply vasts amounts of makeup, my skin had cleared quite quickly.

Day four, skin is clearer, not as grey and the invading breakout had vanished. I was also pleased to note that my snacking and nibbling food between meals was wearing off, which I had noticed previously. I have always loved my food and I am known for cooking and having a snack or three during the process, (Skinade* is not a food substitute). This has been the first observation I have made since starting the collagen drink again,  I generally consume the drink before breakfast, I always have lunch and dinner also, but I am not reaching for the chocolate biscuits by 8pm in the evening. 

Really looking forward to the second week ahead and and the weeks that follow, see you next week for a further update and more scary pics of me!

Post may contain affiliate links, this is not a paid or sponsored post. 

*Samples, gifts, GWP or pr samples may feature, all opinions, puns and sarcastic comments are my own.

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