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BOTANICALS - the beauty that is Cleansing Melt

I am well aware that my cleansing obsession is now to the level of comedic proportions and this Cleansing Melt from Botanicals really did melt my heart and add to the hysteria.

There is something comforting about a brand that not only believes strongly in the care and nourishment of the skin but also values the emotional and energetic benefits of plant essences. 
Botanical Natural Organic Skincare is made fresh and in small batches, thereby preserving the integrity of the ingredients. 

Quite simply this rose and camellia balm 'melts' in all the right ways, the texture is soft and transfers from fingers to skin without wasting a bit. The texture melts over the skin breaking and dissolving impurities, taking the days makeup away with ease. 

This is a brand that offers great and effective skin care using ingredients that are as close to nature as possible. Botanicals do this with not only with the cleansing melt but with their full range, using best quality, certified organic and natural ingredients.

The overall aroma of the product is very subtle, there is warmth that you sense as you work the balm around the face, that relaxes the inner Rougepout as well as effectively taking away my makeup from the day. 
A perfect option for a first or second cleanse, soothing too if skin is angry, hormonal or just being awkward. 
The natural oils help the skin retain balance, which I am really in need of, my skin has become very unsettled with the rotation of trial products and this healed and protected localised areas of my face. 

With the homaeopathic principle of 'like cures like'  - this is one pot that is a permanent fixture in my bathroom and as part of my routine. 

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