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The Joy Of Jurlique - cleansing my soul

It must said that the day I don't get excited when a cleanser lands on my desk is the day I'll shut up shop. 
Cleansing has been one of my skincare obsessions and I have been fanatical about sharing my routine for over twenty years. The joy of balms and oils and what's next in the cleansing arsenal fires up my enthusiasm. 
Jurlique could not have chosen better when their cleansing oil from the Age Defying range arrived.

The bottle disappointingly plastic but I liked the style of it. 
Easy to use pump dispenser, so you can judge the right amount of oil for your face. 

A rich oil that doesn't run down my arms as I'm trying to get it to my face. 
That aroma, - citrus oozes through the fingers as I blend it over the day sitting on my face and begin to reduce my face to an amalgamation of makeup.
With castor, sunflower, blackcurrant, sesame and meadow foam botanical seed oils sweeping aside all makeup gently but thoroughly, even mascara was lifted from the lashes with ease. 
As I had expected this beautifully rich product as I removed it with a cloth, left my skin feeling refreshed. 
Superb for a first cleanse to rid you of makeup or as perfect for a second cleanse to ensure any niggly flecks of makeup are gone. I have developed such a love for this cleanser, that I apply it and leave it on for a few minutes, I love the feel of the texture on my face and the aroma that drifts around me the longer it's left to dissolve the excessive highlighter and mascara. 
I generally apply this to my dry face and leave for several minutes, then I head in with a cloth. Water can be added to emulsify the product and turn oil into a milky water which washes away easily. 

Cleansers are an important part of my routine and this has earned it's place amongst some of my all time favourites. This superbly rich texture makes cleansing the relaxing, caring experience it should be, just breathe in the aroma and enjoy. 

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