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BECCA - Afterglow Palette

If ever there was a moment that needed the Busby Berkeley choreography opening film scene this Becca Afterglow palette is the one. 
Breath taking in it's simplicity, gasp inducing in the initial swatches, creamy, pigmented beyond belief.

The slimline bronzed covered palette houses five popular Becca products, three are the skin perfector powders and two are blushers. 
The quality of the colour within the pans has to be one of the best I've used, they are smooth to the point of creaminess. Beautiful to apply to the face, each one perfect in it's own way. 

Starting with the moonstone skin perfector, this gives a golden luminous quality to the face, it is an Instagram filter in the flesh, actually all the perfectors are, they soft focus with ease. 
Moonstone is also perfect for that teardrop sheen in the eye corner and ideal for highlighting the brow bone. 

Rose Gold, gives a pink warmth to the cheeks, I also like to highlight with it and give a different aspect to my face. Stunning on the eyes, especially if you have brown/hazel eyes. 
Topaz, gives a bronze, sand, copper hue to the face, this is summer in an eyeshadow pan. Also great for the eyes. 

Two mineral blushers sit neatly to the right of the palette, Wild Honey is the sister to the Rose Gold skin perfector, as in, they have a similar tone and both work well on the eyes. I know it's a blusher before you comment but I don't follow the rules or read the packaging. 
Beautiful texture, perfect as a bronzer or contour powder, soft finish, strong pigment. 
Finally, the colour that originally caught my eye, Flowerchild, a colour so perfect that you actually do look in wonder at it, it's a blusher!,  but my goodness it's a beauty. Pink but when blended this rainbow of gold and coral reveals itself, leaving a glow to the face. 

Soft textures, strong pigments, pans of colour that can be used across the face and not just for their prescribed job, what's not to love?

This is not a paid or sponsored post. 
Samples, gifts, GWP or pr samples may feature, all opinions, puns and sarcastic comments are my own.

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