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Rather Lovely - when the outside fragrantly comes inside.

Candles are essential in my home, for decorative purposes mainly, as lighting them is not an option with a husband that sneezes at the mere sight of a match being struck. However, when alone in my home I have the pleasure of lighting these jars of room filling scents and now I have new Rather Lovely fragrance offerings. 

As I have watched my candles gradually burn down, with a slight amount of excitement as I already have plans for the jars. The question was, "What next to light and sniff?".
The email fairy then appeared (I know, but work with me) a lovely brand called 'Rather Lovely', who could solve my dilemma by packaging up candles and reed diffusers that would delight!

Let's talk trees, a reed diffuser which actually smells, properly smells and continues to permeate throughout my office, days and weeks later. I had actually stopped buying reed diffusers as they rarely gave a hint of scent after the first few days. 
This frankincense, amber and cedar oil within the vegetable derived oil carries through the natural rattan reeds and lifts my office into a refreshing, soft and spicy environment. The fragrance is such that it doesn't over power the work area but actually makes it quite calm and relaxed. With two further choices of reed diffuser fragrance, flowers and spice the choice is yours, but trees is perfection for me. 

I was certainly pleased with two darling little votive's in two of the four choices available, flowers and herbs. They have a tree scented option and spicy also. Coming in two recyclable glass sizes and a trio set, you really have to hold back, if like me you have a candle addiction. 
For candle connoisseurs, these environmentally friendly votive's and candles have a clean burn, are soot free, made from organic vegetable wax and use the purest essential oils.

Flowers has the wonderful aroma of lavender, geranium and ylang ylang, taking this from a potential soft floral scent to a candle with a bite, the longer the burn the more I am aware of the ylang ylang and lavender, which I find soothing, relaxing and great votive to burn before bed. 

Herb was my favourite votive, I adored this, so much so it has moved around the house from it's initial place in the kitchen. The smell is just too good not to share around the house, I need one for each room. 
Herb is a rosemary and thyme cacophony of everything there is to love about fresh, clean, green, refreshing herbs. There is a richness to the scent, my kitchen smelt of a cottage garden - clean, fresh, relaxing and inviting. From one little votive, all the above. It took me beyond the smell to an experience of relaxation and calm. This has also been ideal for the times I am in the office ( I then move the tree reed diffuser into our lounge) I like burning candles as I work but find some are actually headache inducing, not this, this is my essential candle. 
One thing of note, my husband dislikes candles, they give him headache and they often smell exceptionally strong to him. Both the herb and flowers he hasn't once complained about when they are lit and actually uttered the words 'they smell ok' - praise indeed. 
Beautiful packaging, candles that not only are environmentally friendly but people friendly too. I am certainly planning to purchase a large size herb candle and I see they have a spicy candle option, make that two candles, oh, and they have tree - this could take some time. 

The 'Rather Lovely' Fiona of Rather Lovely has kindly offered the opportunity for all you rather lovely readers 10 % off your order at with this code BL10, this is a one time discount offer per customer. 

To clarify, this offer is purely that! 
I have no affiliate link with this company, I was sent the products for review only.

I just love the products and Fiona wants you to enjoy them too. 

This is not a paid or sponsored post. 
Samples, gifts, GWP or pr samples feature, all opinions, puns and sarcastic comments are my own.

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