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Jurlique - Firming my face the 'oil' fashioned way

The pleasure in a brown glass bottle with added pipette is akin to the feeling I get when I write with a fountain pen, it's the stuff of proper grown ups (my body tells me I'm a grown up as does my ever present grey hair, but in my head, well, you should never forget what it's like to be a child or all the wonder is gone).
Jurlique appealed to my adult need of give my face everything you've got, with this classy bottle of firming facial oil.

This oil aims to aid the condition of the skin and help it look it's best, working on smoothing the texture thereby lessening the look of lines and wrinkles - when skin looks better you notice the anomalies less. 

With a alchemist pleasing blend of high performing emollients consisting of blackcurrant and sunflower seed oils, combined with rock samphire extract, buriti oil and vitamin E, this oil means business. Lines and wrinkles be gone but also you have protection against environmental damage and aggressors. 

This Jurlique product, is another oil that almost fizzes when it touches my skin, I liken it to a warm flannel being pressed on my face and the comfort that brings, this has exactly that effect. 

My skin loves most oils and this brings not only a lovely look across my skin, smooth and bright but it feels well fed with product. 
I love this oil as part of both my morning and evening routine, it works superbly on it's own, which I have often done as part of my evening routine, this firming face oil and nothing else. Equally it can be applied first and followed with the serum and cream for the total skin care package. 
Results for me were around 3 - 4 weeks of use, the skin texture changed slightly, but enough for me to notice. Brighter, not as grey in areas, there was no dehydration, the areas that had criss cross markings of dehydration were gone. Certainly skin was smoother and firmer and well hydrated. 
Adored this 50ml bottle of facial oil firmness, a little goes a long, long way and gives skin it's bounce back. Great as part of the range but works well alone, what more can you ask?

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