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The English Mineral Makeup - compacts of pigment perfection.

The English Mineral Makeup Company, have for me been outstanding in product quality and presentation. The thought that goes into the parcel you receive and first impressions, shows how a brand can care and this brand puts heart, soul and pigment into everything they touch. 

How can this not grab your attention, Ethereal Body Glow in the shade silver, it is fairy dust encased in a compact that will have you shimmering the night away. Perfect to add to the body for that extra glamorous look, wonderful to work with a tan and as I have found it works well over cream eyeshadow, the shimmer sticks to the consistency of the shadow and you have the most gorgeous eye makeup. 

Think not only using on the body to give a sheen to collar bones and decollete`, but sprinkling in the hair - perfect for a mid-summer evening.
The Ethereal Glow comes with the delightful kabuki brush, so the application is guaranteed. 

The Tone Correctors are a wonderful option for dealing with skin issues without the need for creams and lotions. With four tones to choose from, pink, green, yellow and blue each provides the answer to problem areas. 
Blue - will neutralise yellow and orange tones, great for dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. 
Yellow - is superb for counteracting blue and purple tones, dark circles be gone!
Green - is great for redness on the face and covering scarring.
Pink - gives the skin radiance and helps to hide pasty and sallow complexions. A great brightener for the eye area.  

I used the Tone Corrector in pink and loved the finely milled powder immediately, perfect for under my eyes where is brightened instantly and the product doesn't linger under my eye area, which is always a plus for me. I have used a normal concealer and applied this magical 'dust' over and it sets everything in a place with a gentle layering of powder. Such has been my liking for this product that I have even been using across my t-zone, it takes away the shine, adds a brightness to my face without any obvious signs of powder. My favourite product if I had to pick, but don't make me because I love them all. 

I'm a funny one about matte skin, once it was essential and now, well now I embrace the glow, but there are limits. My t-zone occasionally needs a little help to not make itself so obvious and this compact of warm Matte Primer and Veil has given the control and finish I desire. 
With three shades, cool, warm and neutral, you have the option to either use as a base or as a veil over foundation or the base of your choice. 
I find this is my go to once I've applied my base and this can also be layered giving a great natural warmth to the face without needing a separate bronzer. 
Because of the texture, these mineral powders never feel caked or heavy on the face. They literally dust over the top and their work is done. Although the skin loses it's glow, it isn't flat from being too matte, everything is subtle. 

As with all the gorgeous compacts, a complimentary kabuki brush is included, I have quite a few and they are perfect for all aspects of applying The English Mineral Makeup Company products. 

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