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Award Winning Skincare from Living Nature

As is often the case with beauty, it's the little jars and pots that hold skin caring ingredients, potent to the point of almost creating magic on the face. 
Botanical Brands has an ace up its sleeve in the form of Living Nature's Firming Flax Serum.

Harakeke flax gel, an ingredient native to New Zealand, manuka honey combined with rose hip oil presents this oil-free serum to aid firmer, smoother and hydrated skin. 
With its mild astringent and antimicrobial properties from the flax this gives added defence to the skin, preventing breakouts, puffiness and redness. 

On first application this is worked onto the skin and absorbed immediately, the surface of my skin was smoother, the product was not detectable at all. This lightweight serum was perfect to take down the neck, no sticky residue to worry about and perfect to use as part of a morning or evening routine. I adore how textures vary with serums and this is lovely to use, soothing and potent without hanging around to shout about it. 

The product has been ideal for use under all moisturisers and certainly leaves a smooth base, the humectant Manuka Honey nourishing the skin even before a moisturiser is applied. 
This serum gave me a noticeably softer skin, this is obvious when applying moisturiser. I have few wrinkles to judge whether this lessens the look but I found it worked wonders on the texture of my skin. 
I did find with continued use that my skin reacted to the Rose hip, which has been an occurrence using other brands and products containing rose hip, the problem was localised and only two rather angry bumps which were soon sent packing, the problem was luckily brief and I could continue use of the Firming Flax Serum. I have often found that the blend of a product can either create a skin issue that does not go away or in the case of the serum, my skin has a moment, I continue to treat the problem area but also continue with the product and eventually my skin settles. 

The consistency of this serum surprised me, I like oily serums, glowing skin to the point of people thinking I'm having a moment. This Living Nature Serum gave me the same skin texture results but without the oil and resemblance of the vapours. 

Flax Serum beautifully refined and softened my skin, I didn't notice it was particularly firmer, but having a face that has always been round and plump, firm isn't a look I have ever been familiar with. 

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