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SKINADE - the journey continues

This has been the week that Skinade reminded me why I was so impressed last year.

My skin has seen a noticeable change this week, nothing extraordinary but several comments about the look and glow. I can see that it has a texture change that I don't get from any skin care, it's smoother, brighter but this isn't a product applying result. My dark under eye area, which is hereditary and can't really be altered other than with copious amounts of concealer has changed ever so slightly, the skin tone is actually matching the rest of my face rather than the blue of the circle, only on the edges but I can see it. 

This pic is taken at the end of last week, there is a slight change to the under eye colour, especially the left eye (as you look at the photo), in the photo below taken this week.

This has also been the week that I have needed the loo a little more often (I like to be thorough with my reviews), it happened previously and it is lessening. Generally it has been over three maybe four days and then I am fine again. 

I find Skinade fits into my day easily, as long as I leave at least an hour before or after a coffee before I drink it, there is little more to think about. 

Applying less base is also something I beginning to notice, the better the skin the less it needs hiding. 
Join me next week for another instalment of my Skinade journey. 

Product sent to sample, not paid or sponsored, decision to feature completely my own. All thoughts, opinions are my own. 

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