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Jurlique, taking a 'firm' grip on skincare

Jurlique contained this milky firming and tightening serum in a pearlescent bottle that catches the light and gives you the suggestion that the same may happen to your skin, the very skin on your face when you use it, this is not too far from the truth. 

Subtle in texture and application, you barely need more than a pump to have enough product for the whole face, absorbed quickly this serum concentrate works as does the whole age defying range, to combat all that goes with 'another birthday', it's giving you the best skin option. 
Used with the firming facial oil, and cream, skin has no choice but to behave itself and show you what's possible with great products. 
The botanical mix of oat kernel, beech tree bud extracts and tapioca starch encourage skin to firm up, have a smoother texture and tone. 
I find that once the clarity of my skin is improved, then I see my skin in a different light, certainly the smoothness gives me a better feeling about the less taught areas of my 45-year-old face. The odd wrinkle doesn't look half as bad when my skin is brighter and not as yellow or grey (it jumps between the two).

A simple fluid serum this is not, on application it takes the luminous bottle packaging and adds it to the product, my skin has a glow about it, simple, not over powering, but there. 
Applied over the facial oil, this feels like a proper facial in progress - apply a mask over the top and head to bed, skin glows the next day - such is the power the two together. 
Apply the cream and it's a family affair, three products combined give the perfect finish and texture to the skin and can be worked together am and pm. 

A pearlescent bottle of serum magic. 

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