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Makeup Mutterings - episode 1

I have worn makeup for over 30 years, can it really be that long, yes it can, but really, yes it can, get on with it!

So, I've worn makeup for umpteen years, successfully and not so, the time I felt blue was ok on lids, lashes and eye line need deleting from my memory.
Makeup has been my overcoat against the world, my armour against the ever present enemy.
The routine of the application has kept me from insanity, literally, a black dog phase of nearly a year had me applying makeup every day which reminded the lost 'me' that there was a woman in there who adored red lipstick.

Tomorrow we lunch, I'm not a socialiser and loathe small talk. The main issue is what lipstick? seriously, this is a carvery, something else I dislike, being told what I will eat.  If it's lamb we are scuppered.  
With the right lipstick, I can just about face the world, in this case, a quaint pub barely a few minutes from where we live with our neighbours, no meeting new people scenario, phew.   
The lipstick needs to withstand food and drink and not be so garish that it frightens old people and small ones. I am thinking that Mac Ruby Woo may be a little too much but Clinique Colour Pop in Cherry*  may be the one, it lasts for an age and gives me the shield to hide behind.

I hope it's not lamb, the smell!

Featured product was a magazine sample*

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