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Jurlique - the cream of the age defying crop

Is this Jurlique Ultra Firm and Lift the cream the actual cream of the crop and does it aid the age defying range in giving firmer skin? 

For a cream, this had a texture that I prefer, if it says cream I want that, not a light-weight, half-baked frothy tub of foam. I want something that I can feel when I am working into my skin. A cream that says you've used the oil and the serum and you'll be even happier once I'm part of the routine. 

My expectation was that this would leave me with the 'slip' that I often speak of, that subtle glow of moisturizer still resident on the surface of the skin, just observing the horizon. 
Jurliques Ultra Firming cream certainly has the texture but when applied to the face this gets to work on the face with its amino acid lipid to aid the lifting of the contours of the face, marine plant extract to lessen the signs of ageing and it also heads to find it's friends, the oil and the serum. 
No slick on the face from this, it's away and working. 

On a second note, my husband 'borrowed this' and loved the texture, he really liked the absorption and certainly felt it was a unisex product, I'm sure it is but I made sure he couldn't find it for further use ;)

The immediate smoothing of my skin was quite impressive, I'm not talking Houdini magic but certainly an obvious skin reaction to the product, providing my skin with a smooth, bright, maybe even slightly tighter looking cheek area. 
A nice cream but I really wanted that glow from that application. 

I have liked all the products from the Jurlique range and they have certainly made an impression on my skin, of course, the cleanser was massively loved and still is. For me, the oil is the most impressive and really suits my skin, this is a range of products that work in unison, they can be mixed and matched but overall they need each other for company and joyous Jurlique skin caring. 

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