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Indie Botanicals - Cleansing the balm way.

A cleansing balm, welcome to my world of pure admiration for all things cleansing and balm of texture. Indie Botanicals gave me the opportunity to continue my obsessions with the Cleansing Balm #2 for a normal/sensitive skin. 

This is a hard balm that requires warming between the palm of my hands before getting it to do its work on my makeup plastered face. 
With such a beautiful smell as the balm warms and gently melts into the perfect consistency I could hardly wait to use it.

Shea butter, moringa oil, castor oil, essential oils used in varying quantities depending on the type of cleanser chosen, make this a hardcore cleanser and it needs careful removal, makeup be gone and it is but the cleanser leaves traces on the skin and you need a flannel/cloth to ensure this is properly removed from the face. Luckily the brand has thought about this and they have their own Indie cloths which are a super size and really make the removal job a facial one, the texture of the cloth aids the removal of the cleanser far easier than a plain muslin cloth. I am pleased to say that this is also one cloth that when washed remains the same size and doesn't shrink to the size of a stamp. My skin was gleaming at the end of the process, smooth, soft and clean. 

I have found throughout the years that hard balm cleansers work with a small amount of product, it's so easy to feel that you need more but these beauties pack a punch and this Cleansing Balm soon melts between the hands and smooths evenly over the face, lifting off makeup and giving skin a lovely facial at the same time. 

Over several weeks, this has been the main part of my evening routine, either as a first or second cleanse, the smell alone has me excited to use it and love that it needs proper removal, no half-hearted attempts. Rich and emollient, superb on every level. 

With the added Exfoliating grains mixed with the cleanser, you get the most amazing facial, more to come on that combination.

Coming soon, Exfoliating Grains review

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