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Hourglass - the hour cometh

Lipsticks, I've had a few and have a few, well, lot's, but these Hourglass Opaque Rouge capsules give a different twist on the lipstick. 
I have a trio to share with you, let's pout together. 

My first Hourglass Opaque Rouge was bought when they were first launched and enthusiasm took over. Icon is deep, a dangerous dark red, red noir, Clara Bow would have worn this to perfection. 

The pigment stains my lips at first application, not matte but it holds in place all day without any dryness and little wear and tear. I adore the colour and tend to use it more during the colder months, I like a pale skin and this deepest, darkest blood red, the consumptive look is quite fetching with the right lipstick. 

Muse is such a powerful coral shade that I find it only works with my skin tone during the warmer months. This happens to be my second, the first vanished, no doubt within an old handbag somewhere but I couldn't be without the shade. Again a lovely textured product, with Muse being a lighter shade the lips really need to be in perfect condition, I have noticed that darker colours hide a multitude of sins but the lighter shades show every little bit of dried skin. Come on sunshine, Muse and I are waiting patiently. 

Raven is the newest member of the Hourglass family and probably my favourite. It's a proper red, a true red, it's like coming home when I apply this. This is spreading red butter on the lips, not drying but holds on and never moves an inch. 

These Opaque Rouge formulas do stain the lips, nothing terrible but I have a rather fetching hue on my lips after I've cleansed my makeup away. In my head I am looking all sultry and seductive, my lips pursed and pouting with a softening hint of colour, then my dream is broken with 'the husband' saying 'you've still got stuff on your face'. 

Ah well, Hourglass Opaque Rouge, we'll always have Icon, Muse or Raven.

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