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Indie Botanicals - Exfoliating - grain of truth!

Indie Botanicals, know the way to my skincare heart, not only did they mention the word cleanser but they also offered exfoliating grains. So, was there a grain of truth in the handmade exfoliating product?

My last memory of exfoliating grains was a brand who sold Japanese Washing grains, you added water and they scratched the surface of your face, leaving it smooth and damaged! This was hardcore, teenage abuse of my skin but it felt good. 

Indie Botanicals have a gentler approach, the grains are a powder, grey tinged and easy to sneeze all over the bathroom, you have been warned. 
You have two choices with this pot of skin smoothing skincare, this first method I prefer, in fact, I love adding the grains to my normal balm cleanser, it makes the application gentler and I feel the results are superior.
The second option is tipping a teaspoon amount into the palm of your hand, I use less and have plenty for my large head. Add water to create a paste and apply, using a gentle rubbing motion. The powder does become granular as a paste, jojoba beads, pumice, bamboo stem powder and French clay make up this powder, and I did find areas of my face became rather red while using the product, it is scratchy. 
Rinse away the product and feel the smooth surface of the skin, there wasn't a dead skin cell left alive after using this. I loved what it did to my skin, and certainly the zing of brightness was evident, my only concern was how scratchy the product was, I feel it may be too harsh for me as a regular option. 
Certainly I felt the results from adding the exfoliator to my cleanser was perfect for and far gentler on my face, the brightness and smoothness are still evident but without the added red hue to the face. 

If you require a brusque approach to exfoliating this is it, no hiding behind a delicate lotion or mask, this does the job, leaving skin super smooth and very bright. 

This post contains links to the brand website and products, these are not affiliate links.
This is not a paid or sponsored post, the items featured were sent as samples for trial and it is my sole decision to review them, all opinions are my own and not prescribed, puns and sarcastic comments are also all my own work. 

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