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Rather Lovely - Bathing In These Glorious Products

Rather Lovely have recently given me a wonderfully scented experience with their candle and reed diffuser range, read here 
Now they have taken me down memory lane and opened emotion for me to bathe in. 
Bath Salts, I have always loved a bath, actually that is lie, as a child the Sunday evening ritual of a bath before school had me sulking with impunity, my bath time was always before any of my friends, so as I bathed, they were still playing outside, the injustice I felt was immense. 

However, as an adult, bathing has become a performance, candles, iPad, music or YouTube, lights out, bubbles at the ready in the water that would send a lobster running for cover. 
I love bath products, melts, bath bombs, liquids, powders, creams, gels, foams and salts. At times several can be added at once, it all adds to the experience. 

Rather Lovely not only provided me with the most delicious Citrus bath salts I think I have ever smelled, citrus grabs you and never let's go, I adored these grains of Epsom salts with an essential oil lemon/orange tang. 
The bottle was asking for a Pinterest account of its own, clear glass with a cork stopper, it's that old fashioned look I love and certainly it's a bottle that will live on when the salts are gone.
I added these with gusty or as my mother would say 'heavy-handedly'.

The smell is wondrous, imagine a bath of warm oranges and you have the smell. Warm, zesty, refreshing and with a hint of sherbert, I felt the need to drag out Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so appropriate. A wonderful choice if you prefer a zesty fresh bathing experience.

The memory lane for me was the Lavender Body Lotion. 
Lavender was a favourite of my mum, the smell makes me smile and miss her in one. I can never fault a Lavender product because it gives me and my heart the gift of the past.
The smell is everything I want from a product, you know what you're getting from the first sniff (I'm sure there's a more eloquent way to put it), that Lavender essential oil is so welcoming. 
It's a herb garden packaged into a product for the skin and Lavender has been a wonderful healing product for me over the years, during my early twenties I often had eczema patches on my body, which only lavender oil cured, so much so, they never came back. If I get itching skin then I am reaching for my oil, which I always keep by the bath, a couple of drops make all the difference and aids sleep as well. 
Rather Lovely gave all the above and then the body care aspect, this I could apply over my whole body, not just localised areas. 

The word lotion does not do give the right image of this product, because this is a luxurious cream masquerading as a lotion, rich, emollient, leaves a glorious softness and sheen to my skin and really eases and soothes any sore areas. 
If you love lavender then this is a must, the smell is rich, warming and you are compelled to relax. Perfect after a bath, light the Herb candle, apply this and breath - perfection. 

The 'Rather Lovely' Fiona again has kindly offered the opportunity for all you rather lovely readers 10 % off your order at with this code BL10, this is a one-time discount offer per customer. 

This offer is purely that! 

I have no affiliate link with this company, I was sent the products for review only, I will receive NO monies from any purchase you may make. 

I just love the products and Fiona would like you to enjoy them too.

This post contains links to the brand website and products, these are not affiliate links.
All products featured are PR samples, GWP or gifts unless otherwise stated.

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