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Botanicals - Spa Detox Aromatic Body Oil

This bottle of Spa Detox Aromatic Body Oil care from Botanicals has encouraged me to continue moisturising not only my face but the rest of me. 

In my twenties it was an everyday occurrence, I suppose all I had to worry about was how I looked, if my lipstick was red enough and how much body lotion one body could take. 
I have found that body oils are my preference and as much as I love a nicely scented lotion or gorgeously thick cream, I find oils suit my skin. I much prefer applying a body oil, especially after a shower or bath and certainly in the summer, brown limbs and oil go hand in hand, or should that be leg and leg?

This subtly scented blend of organic seed oils which through the magic alchemy creates a detoxifying body oil which encourages the elimination of toxins, helps strengthen capillary walls and discourages water retention, something that I suffer from particularly at certain times of the month. 
I massage this Detox oil after a shower or bath, generally in an upwards motion, massage therapy training has never left, everything towards the heart. 
I adore the richness of this oil, the warmth of my skin highlights the organic essential oils of lavender, rosemary, and peppermint. With a sheen to my skin and an improvement in the general condition of dry elbows, knees, and heels, this has softened and enriched my skin texture and tone. 
I feel a larger bottle and longer trial period is needed to see if water retention reduces, I certainly didn't have enough of the product to notice anything different in regard to that. 

Certainly the tone of my skin is improved, smoother and not as obviously dry and neglected, over time with massage I imagine cellulite would look less of an issue. 
This oil has worked well for my skin, I love the gentle fragrance that rises up giving an introduction to the essential oils within, it has improved the condition of my skin and certainly a larger bottle would be beneficial for me to continue seeing the results. 
A lovely product from Botanicals, a skin caring brand, simply but beautifully packaged. 

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