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milk_shake - New Minis for 2016

As the ever unfaithful user of shampoo and conditioner, I will change my supplies the minute the next offer hits the shelves of my local store, I was intrigued to be offered the opportunity to try the milk_shake new range of minis. 
Mini milk_shake minis are 100 ml sizes featuring 8 of the brand's favourite products and four new products to delight, ideal for hand luggage, weekends away and the Gym, great pressies too.

I featured a photo of these beauties across a few of my social media channels and was immediately faced with comments from friends and followers on how amazing the brand was, they wouldn't use anything else and asked what I had already tried. Others had heard of the brand but not tried the products and couldn't wait for the reviews. 
So, I had to own up, I hadn't even heard of the brand until they got in touch, one friend managed not to say the obvious 'call yourself a beauty blogger?'. Oh, the shame. 

I'm starting backwards with this award winning Whipped Cream leave in conditioner because words fail me when it comes to describing the divine smell of this product, it is amazing, sweet, very sweet, almost edible. I have never washed my hair as much since this!
Used after shampooing it is great for my oily roots, dry ends, works easily through damp hair. Leaves my hair soft, floaty and in lovely shiny condition. 
My hair smells of pudding. 

The Sensorial Mint Shampoo which has a wonderful fragrance of its own, I described it as grass in a recent video, it's actually sage but the fresh grass I smell and love. This SLS free shampoo cleanses and refreshes the scalp, my hair was squeaky clean and my scalp was cool, a little like the feeling when in your mouth when using mouth wash, that refreshing coolness. It leaves hair feeling and looking super clean. 
If you dye your hair as I do, be clear that this will strip the colour, not a problem when you get the glorious shine but if you've freshly dyed it, that may be an annoyance. There are options in the mini range for coloured hair, they are next on my list!

The paraben free Sensorial Mint conditioner has the fresh mint fragrant hit and really leaves a lovely fresh scent throughout the hair, which lasted for days. I never use this and the Whipped Cream together, they need to stand alone in their gorgeous fragrant options. I work this through the bottom half of my hair, it works a treat on the often dry and knotty areas.
I love the texture of my hair with this, really soft and swishy without the flyaway bits. 

Warning with all the above, you do become a hair sniffer, even when out I catch a whiff and have to sniff my own hair!

Products available in the mini sizes are

1. Leave In Heroes
Incredible Milk 
Conditioning Whipped Cream
Leave In Conditioner

2. Gym Bag Essentials
Sensorial Mint Shampoo & Conditioner  
Sensorial Mint Spray - hair refresher

3. Intensive Treats
Active Milk/Yoghurt Mask
Integrity Intensive Treatment

4. Shampoos and Conditioners
Colour Maintainer Shampoo & Conditioner 
Integrity Shampoo 

All are priced from £6.99 - 8.99 and available from 

Now, I understand the love out there for this brand, The Whipped Cream no-rinse conditioner was my favourite, great hair and I get to smell of dessert, it's a hit with me. 

This post contains links to the brand website and products, these are not affiliate links.
All products featured are PR samples, GWP or gifts unless otherwise stated.

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