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When The Light Is Right

Taking photographs for my blog is something I adore. Generally, I use the light from a large window and camera settings to get the results I want. 

Today I noticed how great the shaft of sunlight was that hit the floor under my desk, right under my desk. These moments don't happen often and the light can soon be gone. So I grabbed my products and wedged myself under my desk to take a few pics, it's such a change not to always have a white background. 

Needless to say the image of me taking the pics would have been more fun for you but I'll share the product pics that I rather love. They are not perfect and that's what I love, I never edit my photos at all, they are as they are taken, using only the settings on my camera or my phone but I don't use software of any description and that goes for my normal life pics, it's something I personally don't like, I like things to be as they are not as we think they should be. 
In these product photos I have shadows, darkness, products are half hidden and I like the look, perfection doesn't exist but being happy does and being wedged under my desk and the resulting pics make me happy. 

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