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BODHI & BIRCH - Siam Ginger Bath and Shower Therapy

Bodhi and Birch Siam Ginger bath and shower therapy are packaged in a nest of fragrant smelling shredded paper, housed in a simple but stylish box. All ingredients are helpfully listed and, more importantly, you can read what isn't in the product. 

Ginger is a true healer, I have taken stem ginger for many years to fight off travel sickness and I am rather partial to ginger nut biscuits, actually I'm partial to most biscuits. 

This powerful hit of cardamom, kaffir lime leaf in this galangal root named product, packs a punch, from the pooling of the product in the palm of your hand nothing prepares you for the powerful sharp and fresh hit of this shower therapy gel. 
This has to be one of the best products I have used in my bath, using it in the shower feels like such a waste of this stunning warming, awakening gel. 
Pour a little into running water and the bathroom disappears within a cloud of ginger warmth, lifting the senses, easing the mind and body. Light candles, get a book and keep adding the hot water, I did not want to leave. 

For ease a shower is necessary and a small pump of the Siam Ginger lathered, massaged over the body actually feels conditioning. 
It's refreshing to use a shower product that doesn't strip the skin and have you rushing for moisturiser. 
A perfect option to wake you up first thing, the sharpness of cardamom and turmeric gives your ribs a poke and you are wide awake. 
Equally, the warmth and combination of lime leaf, cardamom, and turmeric ease you into the night, relaxing your mind and body. 
I loved the rosemary chi option but this for me knocks it socks off, truly bath and shower wonderland with Siam Ginger. 

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