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GLO & RAY - makeup joy

Glo & Ray, there is something about this brand that just resonates with me, the names feel as though they belong to family members, who have been married for fifty years and have no words left to speak, well to each other anyway. The packaging reminds of my early years on YSL when Tom Ford (yes him) was part of the brand and the packaging was all black and clean lines. The simplicity leaps out, this is quality and they don't need fancy compacts to prove it, stylish simplicity is the key. 

I was completely desperate to break into the long wear eye shadow mousse in a perfect shade, I couldn't have chosen better myself - caramel candy. 
This coffee coloured pot of Mirage long wear mousse shadow was stunning, using a dual fibre brush I swirled in the hard textured product and applied to my mobile lid, the intention was to add more but this is pigmented, properly pigmented, your eyelids have colour and you can't quite believe so little creates such a wash of caramel candy. 
Smoothing on, long wearing, not a crease in sight after a full day on the lids and even without a primer, the results were good a little creasing but in that 'I meant it to look like this' way. 

Nuage Solo Blush in dawn seed was oozing bronze golden hues, the subtlety of colour changes became apparent as I held it like a jewel near the light. 
This blusher I have found to be so versatile, perfect if you like warmth to the face but dislike strong bronzing tones, perfect for etching out a cheek bone or two and maybe contouring. The brush within the palette is ideal for creating a subtle contour under the cheekbone. 

Pencil liners tend to get forgotten, so many options now. 
This was a colour love more than a product love, although for a pencil it held it's colour all day and does feel when applying that it has substance to it, not a lightweight option. I loved the density of the Sky Breaker light brown shade, a red-brown and not light at all, it lines the top lids with ease, no dragging. Ideal for the lower lash line as the pencil is gentle, so no drag again, but the colour is pigmented and one application gives the perfect amount. 

Long lasting and no smudging, this said, you can blend the pencil on the application, and still have a good hit of colour. 

The first day of wearing the New La Amo creamy matte lip in shade Coral Whisper and featured my pic on Instagram I was asked what I was wearing. That's today's version of someone stopping you in the street and asking what fragrance you're wearing or where you got those damn fine shoes. 

A lovely textured lipstick that has a satin application and doesn't feel the least bit matt. It dries down to the matt finish without it being flaky although I noted that my dryish lips were obvious with this lipstick, must take more care because this is a colour I will be wearing a lot!
Coral is perfect for the warmer months and certainly if you're not a brave red wearer then this is a great option to ease you in. 

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