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SKINADE - Better late than never

Due to many things happening in my real life, I have been otherwise engaged, so my apologies for the lateness in updating you on my Skinade exploration. 

I am working through a 90 day supply of Skinade, which included the main normal sized bottle and travel packs of Skinade sachets, which I have now moved on to. 

The travel sachets are perfect for short breaks, holidays away or for throwing in your bag to ensure you keep taking that collagen. So easy to use, tear the sachet open, pour the liquid into a glass and add water, I like to taste the Skinade so I make it quite strong but you can dilute to taste. 

I have included a few no makeup selfies for this post as I can see very clearly the change in my skin on certain areas of my face. My dark circles have lessened and though hereditary there has been an improvement and you will see the area between my fingers that had lightened over the time I have been taking Skinade. 

I know it isn't down to skincare as I have been changing and trialing items so no one item has been consistently used.
The area between my fingers was darker in colour and certainly dragged my eyes downwards, this has been a huge change for me and I am pleased to be able to visually see and share the changes that are happening. 

My hair has certainly improved, not particularly grown but the condition I can see is bouncier, I have also found that I am not reaching for my hair curler to give it some volume, it looks fine left after being left to  dry, which I wouldn't have done before. 

I have found my general physical and mental health has been more positive, (although a recent family matter did knock me back slightly), Skinade kicked my butt into organising me to look after myself properly, I'd still rather read a book than exercise but I have introduced even more fish into our diet and fruit has doubled in quantity. I rarely drink and have never smoked, so I do partake of a chocolate biscuit or three. 
I feel I am the kind of person that needs that little something to just get me started, nothing massive but Skinade starts my day in the right way. 

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