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Masking My Feelings - bbeauty Diamond Facial Essence Mask

Tonight I just needed to switch off, it's been a busy week, a mind-numbing lot's to do and not enough time experience which I loathe. I am a steady away girl, everything relaxed and done with ease and calm. 
So, I need to switch off, technology and my head, which was mangled with thoughts of sad family matters, blog posts, work, cleaning windows, my friends wedding next year and have we got a badger sneaking into our garden and leaving a deposit (you catch my drift) and no it's not cat or dog, we've researched it!.

So I needed time, makeup be gone and something soothing to make me lie down, read a book and stop. 
I have masks for man, beast and his mother, but you know and so do I that there are certain types that ensure complete relaxation and they are sheet masks. 

Bbeauty have the most attractive selection of masks and the Diamond Facial Essence leapt out at me, with diamond powder, aloe juice leaf powder, and castor oil, this is one for vibrancy and we all one that in our skin and lives. 

Easy to apply, this cloth masque is drenched with serum, I tried to collect some and save it in the packet for the next day. 
A cloth mask which fits neatly over the face and on the application you feel the cooling effects on your face. 

I found myself falling asleep, I properly switched off and it was needed. 
Reluctantly my time was up, but I did manage to sneak in 40 mins of total 'nothing'.
I removed the bbeauty mask, as you can see above, the eye area was super bright. My skin certainly felt refreshed and recharged, I left the residue on my face and pressed it gently in, this I left all night. I awoke to a fresh and bright face with rebalancing properties to this was much needed when I felt so tired and tied down with everything. 

These are masks that I need in my stash, they make me stop, relax, recharge and my skin benefits too. 

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