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MONU - Brightening Boost

I love Monu, the brand offers such great products and their facial oils feature high in my opinion as some of the best I have ever used. 
Monu Plus offers instant radiance with its Brightening Boost, the words revitalise and luminosity listed on the side of the box had me ripping the packaging open. 

This 15ml bottle aims to reduce skin issues such as sun damage, hyper-pigmentation and age spots with the help of that wonderful vitamin C, niacinamide and a smattering of peptides. Skin tone is aided with wild yam root, more peptides and palmitoyl help boost collagen, thereby reducing wrinkle depth. 

Although light-weight this had a rich texture and hint of citrus, something I like, makes me feel my skin is going to be so much brighter with that vitamin c. 

I adore this for evening or daytime and it slotted into my skincare routine with ease, there is a strength to this brightening boost, the cream is silky without being overly thick. It blends onto the face and dissipates but leaves behind a rich glow and the slight citrus tang in the air. 
I found myself using this alone when using it during my evening ablutions, the delicate but enriching nature of the product meant I needed nothing else. 
For the day I like layers, the more the better, oils, serums, lotions, SPF - keep it coming. 
Again a perfect accompaniment to my moisturiser of choice, it gives that secure base and the moisturiser just adds to and seals in the brightening goodness. 

As part of my above current daytime selection of products (no spf as I was in all day),  this Brightening Boost works so well, ensuring brighter skin, a definate glow and the tone is softer. Although quite a lot of my pigmentation was actually broken down and disappeared after a holiday where even SPF 50 didn't stop me gaining colour, I can distinguish small areas of pigmentation that have lessened in depth since the introduciton of the brightening boost. 
Monu offer a great range of skin and body care, do check out the oils and of course the brightening boost especially. 

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