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RevitaLash - not batting an eyelid!

I remember when RevitaLash launched, it was stocked in the general skincare section of the store I worked in and of course there was initial interest. I had a customer, who bought it from the start and months later raved about the condition of her sparse lashes and the improvement it had made. 
Fast forward, can it be ten years?, well nearly and I was given the opportunity to try the new 1ml Revitalash Advanced

I have always been blessed with long lashes but age has altered them and the condition after years of rubbing, applying eye makeup and roughly removing it hasn't helped, they are brittle and lacklustre. 
So in I went with the RevitLash 6 week supply, applying once a day, I found the evening suited me, using the tiny brush I ran the product along the top of my upper lashes, the brush holds the smallest amount so you can't overload the product, any residue I just ran the brush along my lower lashes. 

Sceptical, I was, this tiny offering couldn't possibly have an effect surely, I knew my former customer had felt they were worth every penny but still I had many doubts. The packaging states that this formula is a finely calibrated cosmetic breakthrough, addressing the signs of aging and stress on lashes, combining natural botanicals and powerful peptides this suggests things may get eye-catching. 
So, nothing for a week, I looked, I flipped the magnifying mirror over to the scary option, stepped back, took a breath and looked, nothing. 
Two weeks and I was applying mascara when I was aware my lashes weren't clumped together looking desperate, clinging together as though it was safety in numbers. 

I am now four weeks in and my lashes are definitely not as brittle, they have a flexibility, a softness, which was lost. The length hasn't changed, which I hadn't expected, they are still fairly long. 
The clumping to together, almost sticking has stopped completely, the continue to feel soft and maneuverable. 

I had attempted to photograph the change but it is a textural one rather than an aesthetic change, they look exactly the same but they feel different and this I notice more and more when applying mascara, they have youthful softness. 
Reader, it works, simple as that. 

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