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Bee Good Necta Perfecta - a hive of industry

The NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask from Bee Good I bee-lieve takes the brand to a higher level, it is offering a little more in the packaging and product. The beauty market is massively filled with natural beautiful products that sit side by side and sell well but this I feel is high-end in the nature, results and uses of this product. 

This is a 4-in-1 face and body enzyme mask, multi-tasking it's way as a weekly scalp treatment, complexion booster, a deep treatment for hands and an SOS mask for all those sore & dry skin areas on the body, knees, feet and elbows.....
With 5 fruit enzymes exfoliating the skin cells away skin has no choice but to be smoother and clearer. Wheatgerm and camelina oil work on the skin's appearance, leaving it supple and luminous. Bee Good wouldn't be that without the Britsih honey and beeswax along with three further natural waxes jojoba, mimosa, and sunflower to lock in moisture by reducing initial moisture loss.
Propolis and bisabolol found in Chamomile help keep the skin balanced. 

Of course, this was heading for my face first, it had to be done and I wanted to leave it on all night. Applying this was the ah moment similar to when your head just rests on the pillow on your bed and everything stops and you relax. 
I completed my normal evening routine and then after my facial mist had settled I applied the Necta Perfecta, so gloriously rich and warming, it smells beautiful. 
Applying this early evening gave the product more opportunity to work into the skin rather than waste most of it on my pillow. Certainly by the time I was ready for sleep, my skin was only slightly tacky to the touch. This isn't an immediate absorbing product by any means and certainly is superbly rich. I love the texture. 
The following morning my skin looked great, healthy, even my hubby said I didn't look as tired, always a good thing. 
I have used this as a mask and left on my face for 30 minutes, my skin is smooth to the touch and looks plumper, I am very reluctant to remove it, to be honest. Any use on my face I leave until the evening.
A true multi-tasking balm, it nourishes dry areas instantly, taking away the initial hardness of skin, I find it very soothing for my hands when I have been gardening, it eases those spike marks from palm trees. 
This was a welcome rescue remedy when my husband complained of dry and sore hands, of course, there was much moaning about the consistency but it must be said silence ensued when he immediately noticed his hands softening and actually commented that they felt better than they had in a long time and not sore in the least. They were in an appalling state and most lotions made no difference, this was the stuff of legends after several days of use. 
The immediate effect is amazing, it really is nectar perfection, ongoing, skin is rejuvenated, moisturised and impressively healed and calmed.  

I haven't used this as a scalp mask, purely that I am not keen on anything thick on or in my hair, just purely me and my weird ways, however, I did use it on my hairline when I had a reaction to a hair mask. Anything on my scalp or hair that reacts on me always shows along my hairline, it becomes sore and flaky. This not only soothed and calmed but within two days but had completely healed the areas.  

A stunning product, I personally think NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask is the best I have trialled from the brand, superb in every way.

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