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VITL GREENS - the super way to good health.

This stunningly packaged box from Vitl Superfoods had been sitting on my desk for too long. Life had thrown a few curve balls and I was otherwise so busy dealing with that business, that it took me away from pretty boxes of wondrous offerings.  

I am loathed to pass over the general loveliness of the box, it's smashing but onwards to the Superfood powder. 

Vitl is a complete daily superfood combined into a 6g (25 calories) sachet which may be added to water, juice or even a meal. 
This is NOT a substitute for a balanced diet but a great way to to aid skin, hair and immune health.
This Vegan-friendly formulation is designed to support Energy release with iron, calcium, B1, B3 and B6. Immune Health with Zinc, copper and iron and magnesium, copper and B3 work on skin and hair as mentioned. 

Each of the sachets contains 16 nutrient dense superfoods, having read a lot about super models aiming for an alkaline diet, I was interested to see listed alkalizing maca, kale and spirulina as well as flaxseed, wheatgrass (organic) goji berries and green tea. 
I do try to be healthy but I also refuse to be obsessive, I prefer options like this, that add to food or drinks that are already part of my diet than altering my eating habits. Any mention of skin and hair has my interest and having had great results from collagen drinks and tablets, this was something that really spiked my interest, plus the word bread, ah bread!

The truly wonderful aspect of this box was the Kilner jar with a prepared mixture for Banana bread, all that is needed to add are eggs, bananas and 4 of the Vitl sachets. 
It was a definite Alice In Wonderland moment, "eat me" in every sense of the word. 

There will be more to come on this Superfood Box of delights, but the initial opening deserved a post of its own. 
From the card that says "Smile", 

to the vibrant shredded card that the useful Vitl Tote bag nestles within, to the Kilner jar of banana goodness and the Vitl Greens sachets. 

More to come on my Vitl Greens Superfood Powder journey. 

Please remember if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any allergies or concerns, consult your doctor. This review is only my findings. 

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