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Elizabeth Arden - Hydration the Arden way.

I worked for many years next to an Elizabeth Arden counter, I would pop across to help at busy times if my own counter was quiet and had a huge fondness for the brand and Joyce who ruled her counter with a rod of iron - old school manners which I respected and admired her for. So here I am so many years later using Elizabeth Arden Hydrating Antioxidant Spray.

Words leap out from the box, boost, hyaluronic, hydration, mist, they all appeal and this Pro Hydrating Antioxidant Spray arrived just in time, as my current facial mist was at an end. 
This gives your face a little boost and during the day is ideal for freshening up makeup. 
This is not the lightly misting facial spray variety, it's there to do a job and sends out the product at quite a vast rate of knots, once I was practised I found depressing the pump gently worked far better and gave me more control. 
I like the feeling on my skin, it settles like dew on the lawn first things in a morning and almost fizzes with goodness. 

It also has a distinct fragrance to it, those of you familiar with the Rougepout nose, knows how obsessed I am by smells. This aroma had me stumped, it certainly had my red lipsticked filled brain working overtime to think what it reminded me of.
And then, this morning as I spritzed my face, "rum" it smells of rum sauce, proper rich, warm, Christmas pudding covering, 'rum sauce' with added skincare ingredients to ensure you spray onto the face and not into the mouth I would imagine. 

This has become the staple of my routine, I am infamous for rotation, my skincare is permanently being tweaked but this beauty has stayed in place. 
As a regular user of facial mists, I find them invaluable for keeping my skin and makeup looking fresh and they are a superb way to stay cool in the summer months. 
My skin has welcomed this hyaluronic acid hydrating spray, although reading the ingredients list the hyaluronic is quite a way down the listings, it has worked both am and pm, noticeable my skin has positively glowed during the day, the above products certainly work well together for my skin but to freshen my makeup this has certainly given my skin a beautiful glow

Elizabeth Arden is such a great brand, they stay true to their lineage but add carefully to their range. 

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