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Merumaya - cleansing balm

Merumaya, a creation, a brand from a lady who couldn't conform to a life, that no longer made sense (I like her already). Having worked for Clinique, Origins and Lancome, Maleka Dattu founded Merumaya, the name comes from the first two letters of her father, mother, sister and daughters names. 
I have a cleanser to share with you and it's a good one.

A Melting Cleansing balm in a tube, always a good option for me, I tend to use less product, rather than scooping out vast amounts from a tub. 
Squeezing out a small amount made quite an impact on me, this smells damn fine, I mean this really smells good, best cleanser smell in my experience and that's over twenty-five years of using balm cleansers and every other texture of cleanser out there. 
The texture looked very promising and reminded me of my long term favourite answers on a postcard. This hydrating, soothing and illuminating balm needed to be on my face. 
My immediate reaction was how easy this was to work over my face, not in the least waxy or in need of warming or melting between the palm of my hands, with sweet almond oil and echium oil these natural oils cleanse, nourish and with omega 3,6, 9, the skin welcomes this concoction with open arms (or pores).

This works away all my makeup, it softens the skin as it lifts away the day's colour choices and removing with a muslin cloth or flannel ensures a soothing facial moment as the residue is cleaned away and skin is revealed as clean, softened and super soft. 
A delightful, effective and skin caring product, high on my list of 'best cleansers I have used', the smell alone relaxes me and the texture is so easy to work with. 
I have become such a fan that this has also become my morning cleanser, I just can't get enough of this, it truly calms, cleans and keeps my skin in tip top condition, my skin is so much brighter without feeling dry and stripped. 
I can't imagine how I ever managed without Merumaya, certainly in my top 5 cleansers. How refreshing to find a brand with such a high-performing product that is sensibly priced.

Now to check out the rest of the range!

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