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VERSO - skincare diaries - Intensive Facial Mask

Verso face and eye masks were never so welcome in my life, with sad things occurring and grown up stuff happening, my skin was looking rather grey and in need of attention. 
Intense, hydration and reviving were words that I longed to hear, the only question was, which to use first?

The Intense Facial Mask was my first choice,  the hydrogel mask with Retinol promised to deliver hydration and reverse the signs of ageing. With Retinol to stimulate my skins production of collagen, I was hoping to at least look brighter and fresher even if I didn't feel it. Although my bathroom lighting isn't perfect, I think it's clear I look tired and so does my skin, slightly red also and bumpy in areas.

I applaud the Verso design, the mask comes in two parts, which certainly makes the application that much easier, carefully lined as well to protect the actual gel mask, this is a high-quality product and sits perfectly on the face. 

After removing the backing and protective outer layer, you are left with a soothing, cooling and very comfortable mask, which adheres itself to the face with no fear of it actually sliding off. 

I much prefer to take masks as high as I can, but do be careful if your eye area is sensitive. 
This was one of the best smelling masks I have used and soothing aspect of really relaxed me, I could almost feeling my skin grabbing at every available droplet of serum the mask was administering to my face. With Verso's Retinol 8 formulation, this version gives 8 times more potency than standard Retinol of the same amount.  Kicking my cell regeneration into shape I was at least expecting a slightly brighter face to greet me once the mask was removed.
20 minutes had passed and it was time for the big reveal, 

It was clear immediately that my skin was calmed, no redness, it was certainly brighter, even in the dreadful bathroom lighting it was obvious. My skin was smooth to the touch and looking closely the texture has greatly improved. 

With the following close-ups, you can see the smooth surface of my face, my skin still has residue from the mask which I have pressed in and this gave my skin a beautiful glow. 

The cheek and eye area were brighter and not as dark, my skin was clear. 

I could not have been happier with the results, a mask that is presented well, easy to apply. It stays in place, smells great and the thing we all look for in skin care, results!
Verso gave results with this Intensive Facial Mask, a superb item that has me looking forward to trying further masks from the range. 

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