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Sond - The Sond Of Skincare

I opened the box and the hills were alive with the Sond of skincare, it was packaged exactly how I like things, ribbon, branded tissue paper and the promise of a little something skincare exciting inside. 


Sond provides an anti-age skincare system for sensitive skin, something I rarely have ever suffered with or from but recent weeks have taken a toll on my skin and it has been a little unsettled, so the wrapping was rustled back and the products revealed. 
The natural power of silica is harnessed to provide skincare that heals, soothes and also deals with ageing by supporting collagen production, water retention, cell renewal and increasing oxygen delivery to the skin. Silica is a gentle inclusion within skincare and it is safe for all.

My first use of the range was one evening and I went in with the delicate phial of baby powder smelling mist. The hydrating mist, which very lightly sits upon the face, this is the gentlest of sprays, a mere dusting but enough to press into the face. 
Because of the powdery consistency it actually feels to have more substance than many facial mist products and I certainly would be interested in the full size. 

The facial oil was a wonderfully rich, thick consistency, far from runny it practically stuck to my face on the application and I loved it. It smells minty fresh which I actual find comforting and having had a very hectic few week's anything relaxing and soothing I am grabbing with both hands. 

Nourish and Plump, great name for a product and the next morning my skin was certainly smooth to the touch and not as haggard. The silica and coconut oil had certainly worked its magic. 
I have found this works far better for me as part of my evening routine, rich enough to be used alone on the skin. 
Using it as part of my daytime routine I struggled with the thickness of the oil and layering of other products. I found my makeup sat noticeably on my face and certain areas had that powdered, dry look. 
As an evening product, this provided me with a superb, rich treatment. 

Sond's Firm and Smooth Facial Serum was again a rich texture, white in colour but this I found worked both ends of the day in my skincare routines. 
Once applied this gave my skin and instant smoothness and the smell is minty, something I am rather liking from this brand. 
A superb product in that it works with not only Sond products but is able to work in combination with other brands also. 

A lovely introduction to a brand aiming to aid the problems of those dealing with sensitive skin, I am very fortunate that my skin takes most things I throw at it, so on the sensitive skin part, I don't feel I can honestly comment. I found the products beautifully presented, worked together as part of my evening routine these gave me a very smooth skin the next day. The serum and facial mist work well at both ends of the day, the facial oil I preferred to use only as part of my evening routine. 

I adored all the products and certainly my skin was transformed overnight with the oil and serum used in partnership, Sond is a brand to watch.

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