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Join me for a GINGER BREW - Bodhi & Birch

My love for Bodhi & Birch gets stronger or maybe obsession is the correct term. 
Ginger Brew, no it's not a cup of Yorkshire tea with a ginger biscuit floating in it. Inspired by South-East Asia and the traditional massage techniques, this is essential for any moment something aches, causes pain or you need to relax.

This apothecary suitable glass bottle contains a rich, aromatic massage and body oil. 
I couldn't have been more grateful for this bottle of blended essential oils when it arrived.  Helping to relieve physical and mental stresses, this was the perfect product as weeks of family 'stuff' were ahead of me. 

This penetrated my skin fast, hydrating and relieving those stress-induced aches and pains. Travelling for 5 hours is no fun and my body welcomed the
Plai, Galangal, St John's Wort, Tumeric and Grape Seed oil goodness. 

This is a body and mind embrace in a bottle, ingredients potently blended to alleviate cramps, aches, nerve pain, the warming oils are anti-bacterial, fungal, oxidant and anti-septic. 

Giving a lovely glow, it's warm fragrance lifted from my skin and soothed my inner self. 
I adore applying this to damp skin as I leave the shower, it has a beautiful texture which wraps itself over the skin and eases everything that hurts. Perfect for massage, the power of the product with the added deep tissue manipulation makes such a difference to my general well being and posture, which becomes more stooped the more I ache and feel stressed. 

As I wear strong perfume I found this didn't overpower any of my choices, I do feel it would be too strong if your preference is floral scented products.
Ideally this perfect as a before bed application, it is so relaxing, but I was applying at every given opportunity, it was so needed and really eased my mind and body. 

This has been a life saver over the last few weeks, it's eased my body and kept my mind clear, the extra bonus is super soft, glowing skin. 

As with any product, if you have any concerns carry out a patch test first. During pregnancy always check with a doctor before using essential oils. 

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