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Living Nature - Red lips for me, or not!

I was so excited about the Wild Fire lipstick from Living Nature, a brand who's skincare I like very much. How kind of them to create a red range, I was certainly ready to pout with the best. 

Revealing the colour in the bullet, I was a little disappointed as it wasn't as vibrant as I had hoped, almost burgundy in the shade. I did check in case I was sent the wrong shade and it did look very much like the other choice, pure passion, but the sticker on the head of the lipstick indicated it was the correct one. The colour was a brown/red tone on the lips but not a classic red as suggested, shade wise I was unimpressed. 

The lipstick should be the shade on the left according to the literature as you can see, it is more the lipstick on the right. 

The application felt creamy, with a semi-matte finish, it felt moisturising and each lipstick contains organic coconut oil, beeswax and carnauba wax. Each lipstick is hand-crafted and individually flamed to a perfect finish. The care that goes into the creating of these lipsticks is good to hear, having a 100% organic lipstick is a rarity but it hasn't been an overwhelming success for me. 

I find it difficult to be enthusiastic when the shade was so far off from the literature and the bullet pictures, it was fairly hydrating but had a lack of staying power and lost colour at the centre of my lips very quickly.

I love the idea of this lipstick, the organic aspect but the colour and quality just were not for me. 

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