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I have made it my mission recently to work through my skincare and make a little room in my stash for some new items, but not yet, well, not quite yet.... but you know how I get tempted. 
I have also welcomed back a firm fragrance favourite which was greatly missed. 

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel is my morning go to, I may try different products, but this is 'the one' I usually have ready and waiting in my bathroom. 
It gives my skin the clean I need in the morning, leaving it refreshed and ready for my layers of skincare. The gel consistency I work over my dry face and massage into the skin, I then either wash it off or use a cloth to remove it. 

MV Organics Rose Hydrating Mist is a very new product for me. I always use a hydrating spray but this I have never tried. I love the cleanser and facial oils from the brand but the mist had passed me by. 
I am not a rose person and thankfully this is a very subtle scent, I adore the actual spray, it covers the face in one press and really freshens the face. Perfect for applying over makeup. 

Sond Skincare - you can read my review here of some of the range. 
I really have been loving the Sond Firm & Smooth Serum, lightweight, fast absorbing, this has been perfect for the mornings and evenings. My skin is super smooth when I use this. 

Radical Extreme Repair Cream, is super rich and I have generally used it in my evening routine. A superb old fashioned cream in the fact that it has a depth and heaviness to it, you know you're applying it and love it. I was down to the last bit and decided to use it up during the day as the warmer weather often leaves my skin needing more. Adore this cream and I am pleased I have another. 

Jo Malone, what did I do before Wood Sage & Sea Salt?, I have worn other fragrance but this I adore and actually feel it smells better on me during the Winter. I do still apply liberally during the summer months but it certainly works far better on my Winter skin. 
There is a rich tang to this perfume, it has a sweetness but there is a definite salty note. 

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