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I have found the months of April & May to be hard, mentally and physically. There are times I feel I am giving myself to situations continually and there is little given back, just a cup of coffee I haven't made myself would be wonderful. 

Oddly these moments, where I generally frown and go into hiding, loathing the phone when it rings give me an inner need to ply the lips with the reddest of red lipstick. If I have to face the world, then I am going to do it with the bluest red lipstick I can muster. 

Skin can be CC creamed and soft focus but the lips have to make the point that they are sheltering a woman on the brink of never leaving her book-filled home unless the need for chocolate arises.
Twice this week I have actually eaten out, I know, get me being all sociable. Once in a delightful cafe, with waitresses dressed in black with white aprons and the ability to not look too shocked at the Mac red-lipped woman asking for a teasted toecake (my humour is in my DNA).
Next lunch, a place I know well, so it's a little easier for me but still the lips will be reddened to at least the scale of leaving a little hint of colour on the glass I am drinking from. 

The chosen 'one' is as far from blue red as possible, it is orange-red from Mac, a tone I wore in my late teens and early twenties but I just felt the urge to grasp Lady Danger tightly and apply delicately but leave enough for the world to see. 

Sometimes all it takes is lipstick. 

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