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MV Organics

It was a total pleasure to receive this selection of MV Organics goodies all the way from Australia, having made their acquaintance with the cleanser (no surprises there) and then developed a huge love for the 9 Oil Cleansing tonic, I was eager to try products that were new to me. 

Everything was snuggly wrapped within this delightful makeup bag, a fair size, which for me is always a good thing. 
The muslin cloth was the size of a table cloth and when washed actually managed to remain fairly large. 

Having used the Gentle Cream Cleanser previously, I knew the quality of the product was superb, it had been the removal of the remaining cleanser from the metal container that had annoyed me previously, this time, I was sent a very useful long handled plastic spatula, which gets every last bit of product from the vessel. 

Next the Rose Hydrating Facial Mist, which I was so excited to try, again packaged in the bathroom and travel-friendly metal container. Although rose scented, it is such a delicate cloud that encompasses the face, even I rather like this one. 

To follow were two delightful bottles, one containing Pure Jojoba, suitable for all skin types and a good option for removing eye makeup, with its conditioning and hydrating properties it's perfect not only for the eye area but also for using as a moisturiser. 

Next the sweetly packaged Rose Plus Booster, ideal for delicate and dehydrated skin. Super hydrating, this also helps strengthen and protect skin. A perfect choice for hormonal, eczema, rosacea suffering skins. 

There will be reviews to follow soon, but I couldn't resist sharing this delightful bag of MV Organic goodies. 

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