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NIOD - what the heck is SANSKRIT SAPONINS?

Let's be honest, unless you're obsessive (yes, I'm talking about me) when it comes to beauty items some can often flit by, especially if the name doesn't exactly tell you what the product does.
Niod is a highly rated brand, that doesn't follow the rules it follows it's heart and creates skin care to work either alone or as part of the Niod regime, it's up to you how you make it work.

So Sanskrit Saponins? 

This caught my eye because it isn't a cleanser but....... you knew there was a but coming didn't you? It is a cleanser, that's got your attention.
It cleans the skin, but is not there to remove makeup, so your double cleanse is essential or you can use it as part of your morning routine, every other day is recommended whichever part of your routine you prefer.
Use on a wet face, firstly creating a paste in the palm of your hand then apply to the face, avoiding the eye area. Work into the skin and then it can be washed away, although as a creature of habit I like to get a cloth involved. Pat dry with a towel. 

The skin may be tight after use, not something I have found, but I have read varying reviews so it's worth a mention, generally, my skin has been very smooth to the touch and after my third use, I noticed the cheek area where my pores hang out in great numbers to be visibly in better condition. 

This is an ongoing observation, so a full review of this purchase will follow, so watch this space but for now, pores for thought. 

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