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Skin Care Diary - Bbeauty Green Tea Mask

I've had the central heating on, get me!
The weather has given us glorious sunshine, we partook of a neighbours bbq, and then a week later, we had rain, hail and wind. I was nithered to the bone and the heating went on, at the same moment as the husband went out. 
The point of this story is, my skin freaked out, well actually it politely tapped me on the shoulder and asked for a little more hydration to counter-balance the tropical heat setting I had the thermostat set at. 
I obliged with the delicious BBeauty GreenTea Essence Mask.

Providing such great value masks means you feel you can have a choice for your skin and certainly green tea and it's many components are thought to maybe help prevent collagen breakdown and reduce UV damage, this appears to be an ongoing process but certainly of interest, think I'll stock up now. 

For me, these are masks that are so loaded with serum, you are forced to relax back and not move a muscle, sheet luxury. 

Aside from hydrating my skin, I always find sheet masks leave it super soft and I love that I have spare serum hidden within the foil packet. I save mine in the fridge and use it the next day. 
This is a mask I have used before and one I use in the morning as it also leaves my skin super fresh and clean. 
A tea tree treat - must go turn the heating off before hubby gets back. 

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