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CLINIQUE - Moisture Surge

Those joyous occasions when you're flying off on holiday and hubby is so relaxed that even beauty browsing (I mean shopping, but shhh), isn't moaned about, there's nothing better than spotting a little something that's exclusive to counters in airport/travel locations. Clinique has a few tempting items that I feel will make your holiday even better, exclusive at their counters in Travel Retail locations worldwide. 

Launched at the start of June 2016 this Moisture Surge Water Bottle, ingeniously packed with that essential skincare and colour items into a Clinique logo water bottle, and a handy little reminder to keep up that intake of fluids. 

Packed with 3 Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, 30ml 
1 All About Eyes, 7ml
1 High Impact Mascara 3.5ml
1 Superbalm (raspberry) 7ml

I always apply a vast amount of moisturiser on holiday, rich and super hydrating is a must for me, Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief certainly gives skin not only the drink it needs but supports the skin during changes in humidity. With three to work through, your skin is taken care of, so you can relax.
All About Eyes offers a lightweight and soothing cream that is perfect for the flight and the holiday, great for puffy eyes, dark areas and fine lines. I also use eye creams around my lips, which often dry out if I have been snorkelling and the salt water has really taken a grip. 
High Impact mascara gives the lashes definition, with a thickening formula, this gives great lashes without them feeling dry or crunchy. Since we've had pretty good weather recently, this mascara doesn't wilt in the heat and your lashes stay fluttery. 
Superbalm gives you a pop of colour with properties that alleviate dry lips and antioxidants that protect. 

A perfect selection of items that take care of the skin, eyes and add that bit of glamour if you like a little touch of makeup on your holidays. The lip super balm also doubles as an ideal blusher, perfect for that natural look by the pool. 
Plus you have the useful water bottle to take with you to the beach.

Clinique knows how to quench your thirst. 

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