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May Lindstrom - the jasmine garden

This botanical mist from May Lindstrom is a pure treat for the skin and the senses. The Jasmine Garden should be a secret garden shared, it is a thing of beauty. 

Lifted from the black box scribed with gold this heavy ceramic bottle holds the most delicate exotic facial mist I believe I have ever used, it is sublime. 
From the gentle droplets on the face to the sensory hold of the organic rose, ylang-ylang and vanilla oil to the refreshing jasmine, this gives skin a dewy finish.

Perfect as part of am or pm skincare routine, it can be spritzed over cleansed skin or equally applied over makeup to refresh and give a lovely dew drop finish. 

Indulgence should be the middle name, this a great mind and body reviver, helpful for headache sufferers and great to spray over the body and hair on a hot day to refresh. 

This is pure luxury, from head to toe this is one of those products that you never tire of and a product I love as part of my skincare routine. The dewy softness of my skin, when applied and then pressed into the skin, is just wonderful. 
Over makeup, it not only refreshes but gives a silky look to the skin. 
A wonderful choice for soothing irritation, redness or inflammation on the skin. 
May Lindstrom has created a divine range that cups the skin in a safe pair of hands and never fails to deliver.

Come smell the Jasmine Garden

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